Our HD Live Platform

We believe doing the right thing is always in season. Our HD Live platform connects the child’s reality with the real world; some call it career connections, we call it Hopes and Dreams Live. What if we can tap into our collective capacity and create a dynamic platform where you can share your occupational experience, knowledge, and wisdom to help ignite the Hopes and Dreams of every child?


Imagine this! It’s game on. The music is bringing a packed audience into motion. The excitement is building. You can feel it. You can sense it and you can see it. There is an atmosphere of hope, and something to dream for in the hearts and minds of these children.


You, the expert, are introduced. You take the stage as the children get to their feet and eagerly anticipate for you to share your passion, your story, your struggles, your successes, and your challenges.


You have 20 minutes to make your mark, to sign your unique signature on the hearts and in minds of these children. Their future, their expectations, and their Hopes and Dreams are at stake.


Meerkat HD Live platform: You share (Step 1), child share (Step 2)


Step 1 (TED Talk-like): You bring the best your occupation has to offer. You share your occupational experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

  • Share your story, your passion (why you do what you do)

  • Share your occupational struggles (how to become one)

  • Share your occupational successes (what success looks like)

  • Share your occupational challenges (share one specific relevant occupational challenge)


Step 2 (Shark Tank-like): Individually or collectively these children take your occupational challenge to the next level and help create relevant real world solutions.


Ready to join our platform? If you or one of your colleagues seek an opportunity to share and help ignite the Hopes and Dreams of every child, we strongly encourage you to visit our website, sign up or contact us for more information.


We are extremely exited to come alongside you, schools, and parents to help make every child’s Hopes and Dreams a reality!