What is the "Micro-MBA" program all about, you may ask? The best way to give context to the program is to think about your favorite survival series on TV. Let's take Man vs. Wild, a survival television series hosted by Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel. The general format of each episode is the premise that Grylls is left stranded in a region with his film crew. Every event documents Bear's effort to survive and find a way back to civilization through wild terrains – jungles, forests, or similar non-urban areas. Bear needs to display and deploy a healthy blend of adventure, survival skills, survival tools, creativity, curiosity, and grit to find his way back home, alive! 


Like Bear, every small business owner (business) is always in a battle for survival. Owners must display and deploy a healthy blend of business adventure (risk), a combination of hard and soft skills, business tools, creativity (innovation), curiosity (analytics), and grit to keep the business doors open! With limited resources available, the small business owner is continuously walking a tightrope, balancing all business demands. This is where the twelve students and the Micro-MBA (Master of Business in Action) program comes into play. Like Bear, the business owner can do with a support (survival) team, helping him and the business survive another day, week, month, and year. The students get one assignment (goal) – to increase the business’s sales in six-months. In a sense, it's like parachuting the students into the business wilderness with the necessary business tools (survival guides), assisted by business mentors (consulting team), to help the business survive unexpected seasonal weather events. The students will work with the business owner(s) and business mentors to make this a reality, hence, Micro-MBA = 1 Business + 12 Students + Tools + Action. The program consists of eight carefully designed (MIT Value Proposition Design Blueprint) workshops that are working in synchronization, as a seamless blend of theoretical value proposition specialization (thought) x real-world co-creation (action).


You get the idea - a dynamic group of smart young minds will have an opportunity to go on a real-world business adventure. Alongside, as business mentors (consulting team), we aim to be champions for (1) the student's entrepreneurial initiatives (for those who want to start their own business), and (2) assist the business owner in co-creating (re-engineering) products and services that customers want. 


With this adventurous backdrop, please explore the lay of the land in more detail on our website. Be sure to check out - Survival Guides (Tools), Survival Rewards (Benefits), Survival Workshops (Program), The Adventure (What to Expect), and Consulting Team (About Us).


We wholeheartedly believe that this world-class opportunity can potentially be a life-altering experience for students and business owners alike.


Your parachute is ready, let the adventure (apprenticeship) begin!