Q: What is Meerkat all about?
A: Meerkat embarks on a colossal journey — our only vision, our only mission, our only purpose — we carefully assist every child on the globe to liberate his or her Personal Socio-Economic Reality. Our goal is clear - we aim to give every child a hand up to succeed — globally!
Q: Why the name Meerkat?
A: Well, a few things you should know about Meerkats. First, we grew up with Meerkats building their elaborated communities on our farm in South Africa. A Meerkat is cute, adorable, and likeable creature – kids just love them!  Humans can learn a lot from Meerkats when it come to family and community life – they are authentic, trusting, caring, and loving. As a family and community Meerkats rise and fall together! Meerkats help one another. Meerkats protect one another. Meerkats cooperate with one another. Meerkats educate one another, in fact, all adult meerkats—male and female—pitch in to help educate the young in hunting and survival techniques. Source: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/meerkat/
Meerkats respect one another…and most importantly Meerkats love one another! We love the name and we know you will too…
Q: What is Meerkat Boot Camp?
A: Meerkat Boot Camp is a 3-day fun-filled educational program that focuses on the top three fundamental engines (areas) of life namely your health, your relations and your wealth. The focus and purpose are (1) to develop the child in all three key areas of life, in order to transition successfully into adulthood, (2) to become balanced productive adults (3) that positively contribute to society and the local, national and global economy and community as a whole.
Q: Who can benefit most from Meerkat Boot Camp?
A: Children and adults alike (yes adults too), however, the program is with tender loving care designed for children.
Q: How long is the Meerkat Camp program?
A: Three days. Normally over weekends in Summer.
Q: Why is the Meerkat Boot Camp different?
A: We have a reality-driven proactive approach to life. We embrace reality. We act on great information. We expect results. We aim to bring reality-driven solutions to real-life problems. We aim to empower the child to discover, develop and deploy his/her own unique gifts and talents. 
When and Who Q&A
Q: When is the best time to attend a Meerkat Boot Camp?
A: Contact us for our next camp schedule.
Q: At what age should we start attending Meerkat Boot Camp?
A: We focus mainly on two age groups:
(1) 6-12 years group - (You)r Life Boot Camp Junior
(2) 12-18 years group - (You)r Life Boot Camp
Q: What other supplemental books are recommended?
A: It is your choice, however, we recommend the following.

- Core (Food/Fitness)

Free+Style, Carl Paoli & Anthony Sherbondy

Body For Life, Bill Phillips

Effortless Healing, Dr. Joseph Mercola

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie

- Connect (Relate)

The 5 Love Languages of Children, Dr. Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

The Generosity Factor, Ken Blanchard & S. Truett Cathy

How Children Succeed, Paul Tough 

The Snowball, Warren Buffett & Alice Schroeder

The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham

Money, Possessions, and Eternity, Randy Alcorn

The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz

Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Gordon McKenzie

The Power of Less, Leo Babauta

- Connector (Money) 

Master Your Money, Jeremy White & Ron Blue

The Small Business Bible, Steven D. Strauss

Q: How do I find out about Meerkat Boot Camp classes in my area?
A: E-mail us for upcoming events in your area.  For more information e-mail us at mail@meerkat.solutions
Profits Q&A
Q: What happens to the profits from book sales?
A: We donate 40% of all proceeds from (You)r Life and (You)r Life Junior books to charity. Meerkat is a “for-purpose” project.
Q: What if I'm not pleased with (You)r Life Boot Camp products?
A: All of our products carry a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, please e-mail us and we will assist you.
Legal Q&A
Q: May I copy Meerkat Boot Camp materials to share with others?
A: No. Please help us protect the integrity of all the (You)r Life products. Our books are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any manner (including placement on the Internet). Please do not create, copy, or distribute products.
Q: Does Meerkat and/or (You)r Life Boot Camp provide counseling or therapy services?
A: No. This project and program is designed to provide general information regarding the subject(s) covered. Because each factual situation is different, specific advice should be tailored to the particular circumstance. For this reason, the student as well as educators and/or facilitator (parents, guardians, mentors) is advised to consult with his or own advisor regarding his or her specific situation. We took reasonable precaution in the preparation of this project and program and believe the facts presented in the program are accurate as of the date it was created. However, we specifically disclaim any liability resulting from the use or application of the information contained in this program, and the information is not intended to serve as legal, financial, or other professional advice related to individual situations. Laws and practices often vary from country to country and state to state, and if legal and expert assistance is required, the service of a professional should be sought.